A bit about me.

There's nothing I enjoy more than being behind the camera, working under pressure, and organising.

Believe it or not, I hate being in front of the camera myself (LOL). But, by using the way I feel, I can adopt this into the way I work with my clients. I feel I can relate with my own fears. I'm able to photograph you in a way that makes you feel comfortable with fantastic results and plenty of fun, without making you feel you're looking down a barrel of a gun.

I'm very much a people person with a fun sense of humour! I enjoy having a good old laugh with the elderly and listening to their life experiences. Then there's the little ones, they never fail to make me smile on a wedding shoot, what are they going to say or do next! It's a must to be alert and catch this innocence on the day. 

I feel family time is a must! With my wife Kelly who has her own children's entertainment business known as Kelly's Mascots. Then there's my two daughters with a large age difference, Summer is 7 and was born to dance and perform! Zoe is 23 and the total opposite personality and loves education. 

If I'm able to find a little "me-time" I love to chill with a beer and enjoy watching my favourite team! Let's say I think it might be best to keep their identity to myself. It will save all the leg pulling I've endured over the last few seasons.

That's Enough about me, why not get in touch and tell me a little about yourselves and your wedding plans. Let's have it over a coffee?... My treat!